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Light Codes of Connectedness

Every Monday I bring through a set of Light Codes that are being offered to us from the Star system of Sirius I'm given a vision or series of visions during meditation that brings forth a message for the collective for that week. Following this I have a sitting with a private group on Zoom and the transmission of Light Codes for the theme of the week begins. Participants also receive visions and activations while taking part in the transmission. The Light Codes have awakened in many of the participants simply by taking part in rthe receiving. This is because the Light Codes are a gift of the brow chakra and so they work in such a way that when the individual is ready, they too recognise and the connectedness begins. It's an awesome experience and one that I can't wait to have each week. I will begin to share with you each week on my site the message for the week, so please follow along and stay up to date with what is available to awaken within us each and every week. We are always awakening.

The Light Codes Transmissions themselves do not date, they don't have a "used by date" in other words. They come to you when you are ready.....

Receiving the Vision

When the vision first appeared to me, I thought it was a beautiful garden but then realised it was more contained like a green house. The greenhouse symbolises finding the true path, or the right way. It feels like a message to remind us that we are the ones who are in charge of our growth and it all depends on how much we nurture that growth.

I then saw someone wrapped up like in a sleeping bag but more like a cocoon. They had a smile on their face as if they were happy in that cocoon. They were being dragged as if to say it is time to drag you out of your cocoon.

The next image I noticed clearly the peach coloured wall with the prickly pear cactus in the garden bed. Peach Influences a sense of calm and helps us to not feel disappointed and not go too far into the pain. It brings positivity helping us through difficult times. The wall itself was significant. It felt like the supporting structure and also the boundaries we need to have to support our growth. The spikes of the prickly pear cactus also send out little aerials as a way of connecting to the energies of our wonderful universe.

The Message behind the Visions

The spiritual meaning behind the prickly pear cactus has a lot to do with its hard hard protective exterior, its endurance and strength to survive in new environments and situations. It reminds us to stay strong, and remember that the essence of both our truth and our beauty come from within. Some cultures see cactus as a symbol of life and hope because it is an amazingly strong plant that survives under the harshest of conditions. I feel the message is to remind us our challenges are here to help us grow, but how we deal with them determines how well the growth will be. We cannot stay in our protective cocoons forever. It's time now to come out of them. It's been a little cosy in there but now it is time for growth. The uncomfortable situations are all a part of our growth and it's time to prepare ourselves for the growing season. Growth is rarely a comfortable situation as symbolised by the prickles on the cactus.

The other thing about the colour peach which is the colour of the supporting wall behind the cactus is gratitude. The colour reminds us to have gratitude even for our prickly situations, our hardships, our lessons. Growth doesn't come so easily in comfortable situations, but we do need to come out of our sleeping cocoons and face that which makes us feel uncomfortable, but don't go too far into the pain.

So, in short I feel the Light Codes being offered to us here are to drag us out of our cocoons. Meanwhile remember to have hope, gratitude, stay true to your path and don't go too far into the pain.

Surround yourself with the colour peach while working with these light codes.

Thank you for reading my post and to show my gratitude, I gift you the Light Codes of Connectedness. You can connect with me for a personalised session or join me on Mondays here.

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