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From the Deep Sleep to Awakening

Deep Sleep State a Vortex of Awakening

Lately, many people have been reporting this deep sleepiness, like a drugged out state dragging you into the deepest sleeps.  These sleeps are not new for me, I started experiencing them around the year 2000 maybe even before, but before I was probably less aware of what it was.  I do know my husband always used to say I had been bitten by the tsetse fly and my Mother always since a teenager said I could sleep on a barbed wire fence.  So, they may have started when I was 11 after my near death experience when I had encephalitis.  But, like i said, I just came to know them as part of me.  However, when I started teaching colour therapy, I think is when I noticed them being more intense and more drugged out like a zombie.  I began to recognise them as "Spiritual Shifts".    It was one of these Spiritual shifts in 2004 on my 44th birthday that became the prelude to birthing what we now call LUXOR Light. However, when you look at the obviousness of it, you can say I went to sleep and in the morning I literally "woke up".  I had my awakening that had been in preparation for quite some years.  So, you can safely assure, that when you go through these states, you are preparing for an awakening.  You might say, "I'm already awake" and you may well be, but there is many levels to awakening and there are many awakenings.  I go through new awakenings all the time and each time I pass through the big ones, I awaken to a new aspect of my Higher Self and usually have new gifts to offer.  

I really get the feeling that those who are going through the deep sleeps at the moment, are putting together on the Higher Realms, the pieces that need to come together for your purpose. It's tough sometimes trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing, so if you are trying to put something together and it just doesn't seem to take place, or doesn't feel right, just say "thank you to the Universe for the opportunity, but I say no that that option, now I am ready for you to show me the next opportunity". Eventually, the one that excites us is the one to take.

Remember, our minds create, so without thinking we "think". And generally our ego "thinks" it knows what is best for us, but our Soul and our Higher Self know better. Follow the path of "feeling" into it. The Universe will provide the closest they can to what you are "thinking", but it is up to us to say yes or no. Don't be afraid that you will not get another opportunity, you will, you just want the right one for your purpose. Timing is paramount and you will not waste time sleeping, because in the sleeping you are sorting out the plans and discussing with all other Higher Selves, Masters, Bodhisattvas and so on that are involved with your mission. You however, are the living representative and so you get to see and feel how it will work.

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