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Creating your sacred meditation environment

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Meditation is a sacred practice, one that deserves a sacred space.

Meditation is a sacred space where you go to commune with God/the Universe/ the inner most Divine parts of you. So, to find that sacred space within you, deserves a sacred physical space.

Imagine this... if you try to meditate and your mind is full of clutter, too many thoughts, worries and crazy notions, there is no way, you can find that sacred within you. Now, imagine you have invited a Divine Being to your Home. How would you wish to present to them? Would you like them to see your mess, your chaos, your clutter? I don't think so, and so too, it is within ourselves.

We use meditation to touch the Divine, to invite the #Divine to come into our Hearts and so we create a sacred environment within - as above so below - and so too, we should create a sacred external environment to host our most divine of visitors to our Temple.

Create a Sacred Space, a Temple Space to commune with your True Nature, the Divine Essence within you.

How to Create a Sacred Space

It doesn't have to be big, it can be a small corner in a room, with a small table, a candle, some incense, and some pieces that represent the Divine to you. It could be a little statue of a Buddha, a Fairy, an Angel, a picture of a Master that you connect with and some gentle meditation music, and maybe some crystals and gemstones. It could be outside amongst the trees, or a little quiet corner in the garden. What is important is that you dedicate this space to you and your daily meditation practice. Each time you are ready to meditate, light your candle and dedicate it to the purpose of your meditation.

Burn some incense to keep the purity of the space. Only Divine Energies will come into a space with a white candle and beautiful incense. Each time you meditate, the energies build and you create a sacred environment for healing and inner peace.

You can meditate anywhere and even amongst the chaos when you are adept at meditation, but for your own sacred devotion, setting up a beautiful space and dedicating it to your healing and inner peace, is a very sacred act to do. The very act says, I Am committed to my Highest Divine Self and my purification process is reflected in my environment.

You can even place a glass of purified water on your table or Alter, and over time, with prayer and meditation practice, if you have kept this space just for your sacred practice, it will become water blessed with the Divine. You can then use this water to sprinkle in corners of your room to cleanse and purify. You can use it to water your plants and watch them flourish. You can give it to your cat or dog to drink and allow them to receive the divine healing qualities it contains.

Do you have a Sacred Space for meditation?

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